What You Can Do To Make Your Area Safer from Crimes


Crime exists everywhere– no matter how safe and peaceful the community looks. However, even though it may appear overpowering, there are little things that can be done to manage or reduce crime within the area. You don’t have to feel helpless against criminals at all. By taking these precautionary measures, you can make affirmative changes in your neighborhood.

1. Work With Your Neighbors

As much as possible, encourage your neighbors to keep the area clean and orderly. Give spare keys to your trusted neighbor or nearby shopkeeper. According to key cutting Wellington, it’s never ideal to hide your keys under the planter or doormat, on a ledge, or in a mail box. When you’re away, you should set timers on lights of your home or business office so that it would appear occupied. Likewise, try to eliminate or illuminate the places that could be a potential hiding spot for intruders– this includes spaces between the shrubs, trees, alleys, stairwells, hallways, and entryways.

2. Key Control Is Important

A lot of lock experts would tell you that not all locks are created equally. That means, as you show around the local hardware store, you would be quickly overwhelmed by the types of locks available. There are three things that you must consider when choosing a lock:

High Security: Highly Recommended
Keys are protected against unauthorized duplication because they have utility patents. This offers extra protection against wrenching, kicking, pulling, prying, or drilling.

Key Control: Acceptable
These keys are protected against any forms of unauthorized duplication.

Standard Locks: Low Security
Only provides the minimum level of security there is. That means the keys can easily be duplicated.

Securing Windows
It is advised that the windows must always be secured through the use of a locking hardware offered by Security window Wellington. This can either be in a form of key for operation or with removable pins to ensure that the burglars cannot easily enter through the windows.

3. Organize a Neighborhood Watch

This is also known as a “block watch,” or an “apartment watch” where everyone should take part of and ensure that the community remains crime free.

4. Practice “Positive Loitering”

A lot would agree that positive loitering is one of the best ways to lessen the occurrence of crime within the neighborhood. Some communities choose to occupy in groups the areas where criminals usually lurk.

5. Incorporate CCTV

CCTV cameras should be placed within the neighborhood to monitor the criminal activities, and it can also help in apprehending criminals in case that he has been captured committing crime on a video.

6. Help Pedestrians and Inhibit Traffic

Hiih traffic areas that aren’t even pedestrian friendly could be the usual places where crime occurs. Fast-moving streets, and areas without sidewalks can also make it easier for criminals to operate within the area. That is why, for situations like this, you should do your best to help the pedestrians and ward off any criminal activities that could possibly occur.

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